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Universities dorms in Germany
International students getting admission in prestigious German Universities in Germany are always puzzled with one common issue and that is to find
University Dorms or Accommodation
To find an accommodation is just like to find a needle in a haystack because it involves a lot of formalities, paperwork and more importantly follow the rules.
Germany offers ample options to foreign students to search accommodation according to their budget and lifestyle.
Germany has one common organization in every state called
which is entrusted with a task to provide accommodation with reasonable rent covering all basic useful amenities
The rent of the accommodation always depends upon the size of the room, what living facilities you are getting and location of your place.
To make it simple lets boil down this topic to below few options available at your disposal offered by STUDENTENWEK.
Single Room in a Shared Flat
First Option

This first option is always a cheap option and student's pocket friendly. Size of the room starts with 9 meter, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 15 and more meters. For example, If you pay 220 euros per month for 11 meter size of the room so you can imagine rent will increase according to the increase of the size of the room.
Another important thing to bear in mind, You will have your personal single room but you will share Kitchen, Bathroom and Toilet with your other flat mates.
Single Apartment in a Flat
Second option

This second option is expensive because you have your own apartment having attached small kitchen, Bathroom and toilet so you don't need to share anything with your other flat mates.
Size of the room might start with 20 meters 21, 25 and more and you will pay for example 280 euros per month for 20 meters room size. As usual Rent will increase according to increase in the size.
Accommodation outside Studentenwerk
Third option

This option can be chosen by those students who are rich, feel not to share anything with others, love their privacy and willing to pay more than 400 euros per month.
In a Nutshell, International students decide what options they want as per their likings, budget, living standards and privacy.
We as FESGI Consultants are always at your disposal to get you admission in German Universities and find an accommodation for you to make your life easier. Call FESGI Consultants on our Indian Mobile number +918800159403 and German Mobile and whatsapp number +49 1514 5520632 and get free admission advice for your great future ahead.

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